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I need to update the Zoom app. How do I do this? 

If you’re viewing using a mac or windows laptop or desktop, click your profile picture and then click CHECK FOR UPDATES. If there is a newer version, Zoom will download and install it.   

If you’re viewing using a phone or tablet, visit your App or Play Store, search ‘Zoom Cloud Meeting’ – if it’s up to date it will say OPEN and you don’t need to do anything but if there is an update you will be able to select UPDATE.   

If you have a smart TV, don’t try to open the link in the browser on your TV as this won’t work (there isn’t a Zoom TV app). If you’d like to watch on your TV, you’ll need to open on a device which has the app installed and connect using one of the options below. 

For Sundown Kiki Reloaded Broadcast, please note you will need to enter an email address to join the broadcast.

Can I cast to my TV? 

Depending on your phone, tablet, laptop and TV, it may be possible to wirelessly cast from your phone or laptop to your TV if you have access to Chromecast or AirPlay.  

There is no Cast icon available on the Zoom Meeting app. You need to screen mirror your smartphone or laptop to Chromecast and you can’t mirror your iPhone screen to Chromecast (this can be done only in Android smartphones). We advise against using Chromecast as this requires you to watch the performance in your web browser rather than in the Zoom app. 

Can I watch it on my TV using a HDMI cable? 

If your TV has an HDMI cable port, you should be able to connect you laptop, phone or tablet. One end of the HDMI cable will connect to your TV and the other will connect to your device – you’ll need to make sure you have the correct HDMI cable compatible with the device you’re using. 

If you’re using a phone or tablet it’s likely that this will connect to the same socket you use to charge your phone. If you’re using a laptop you’ll see that it will have slots along the side of the keyboard and if you’re using a computer, you’ll either connect to a slot along the side of your monitor (screen) or in the computer itself.  

Once you have the right cable and your device is connected to your TV (we’d recommend connecting to HDMI port 1), it will either automatically begin sharing your screen or you will need to access your TV’s menu using your remote control to change the source or input to HDMI – this will correspond to the HDMI slot you’ve connected to on your TV and there may be more than one to choose from.  

Once you’re connected the sound should be coming out of your TV rather than your device. If not, check your audio settings in Zoom by selecting the arrow next to ‘Mute’ in the bottom of your screen and either choose ‘Same as system’ or your TV speakers if that appears as an option under ‘Select a speaker’. 

How do I turn on captions? 

You can turn captions on by selecting the Closed Captions button at the bottom of the webinar and clicking Start Subtitles.  

We recommend you watch the closed captioning in the Normal font size 

If you are seeing gaps between words on the subtitles, adjust the size to be smaller or larger by clicking the arrow next to the CC box 

For Sundown Kiki Reloaded Broadcast, Act 1 includes full speech-to-text captioning. In Act 2, due to quick-paced improvisation, the captions for the ball will describe key activity and events.

How do I change the size of the captions? 

If you’re viewing using a laptop or desktop, to change the size, select CLOSED CAPTIONS at the bottom of the webinar, select SUBTITLE SETTINGS and then adjust the size by using the slider along the top of the window. 

I can’t find my broadcast link 

If you have received an email with your broadcast link by 3pm on the day of the performance, please check your spam folder and search for an email from

If it isn’t in your junk it may be that the email address on your account is incorrect so please contact the team at and we can look into this for you. 

I have my link but I’m unable to join 

If you’re viewing on your browser rather than in the Zoom app, this may be due to ad blocker software. Try disabling any ad blocker software you have running or try opening the link using a different browser. We recommend watching using the Zoom app to avoid these issues. 

If you already have Zoom, please check that you have the most up to date version installed before you join the performance. You can do this by clicking your profile picture then click CHECK FOR UPDATES. If there is a newer version, Zoom will download and install it. 

If you are viewing using the Zoom app or the above steps don’t work, please ensure that you or someone else has not joined using your link. If this is the case they will need to leave the webinar to enable you to join. 

If you think someone is using your link without your permission, please contact us at 

What if I arrive late? 

You will be able to join the performance using your link at any time but we will be unable to offer refunds if you arrive late. We ask that all participants join 30 minutes before the show starts. 

My captions aren’t staying on 

Please ensure that you’re viewing using the Zoom app rather than on a web browser otherwise captioning and audio description may not be optimised. 

Can I get rid of the bar along the bottom of the screen? 

Please make sure you clear any notifications displaying along the bottom bar by clicking on the ones which are displaying notifications. Once you’ve done this, the bar should disappear as long as you don’t move your mouse or tap your screen. 

Some of the screen has been cropped out 

Please make sure you’re viewing the performance full screen by maximising it – you may have a green button in the top right your window, you can drag the sides of the window so it’s full screen or you can select ‘full screen’ in view. 

The quality of my broadcast is poor 

We are streaming in HD and our audio output is stereo but your internet speed will also determine the quality of the video footage that you see. Zoom doesn’t buffer (this is what allows Netflix/YouTube etc to always stream in HD) so when your internet speed lowers the quality will drop to reflect that rather than pausing and buffering. If you think there’s a problem with your connection you can try to leave and re-join the webinar, turning your Wifi on and off again or restarting your device.